Pure Day Spa

...where tranquility meets transformation

Pure Day Spa has created a tranquil environment to sooth your mind and transform your body into a state of relaxation. We cater for the wellness of each person individually.
Our philosophy is understated, self confident and is an opportunity for our clients to experience the highest level of dedicated care and attention.

Our services and products have been carefully selected and personally tested for quality and effectiveness and are designed to promote a sense of well-being, relaxation and vitality.

Enter the PURE Day Spa™ at Ruslamere and you are immediately transported into a calm sanctuary, influenced and inspired by tranquil Japanese gardens.

Tel: +27 (0) 21 - 975 5677
Email: info@purespas.co.za

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Mayibuye Centre

Relive South Africa’s struggle history

Mayibuye Centre - Bellville South

Phone:(021) 95-9295
Email: mayib@uwc.ac.za
Times: M-F: 8.30 - 16.30
Description: Visitors and researchers have access by appointment only to the the collection which comprises material relating to the apartheid and the struggle for democracy in SA

The Mayibuye Centre for History and Culture in South Africa is a pioneering project based at the University of the Western Cape. It focuses on all aspects of apartheid, resistance, social life and culture in South Africa. The word Mayibuye is a popular slogan meaning "let it return" in the Nguni languages. The Centre deals with aspects of South African history which were neglected in the past and aims to facilitate cultural creativity and expression in a way that encourages the process of democratic reconstruction and change. The Cabinet has recognised the importance of the Centre by recommending that it should be incorporated into the new showcase National Museum which is being established on Robben Island.

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Tygerberg Zoo

Tygerberg Zoo is Cape Town’s only zoo.

The Tygerberg Zoo is home to lions, tigers, zebra, cheetah, chimpanzees and marmosets. The types of animals include: 61 mammal species, 160 bird species and 63 reptile species.

A visit to the zoo is definitely worth it; with a wide range of animals to view the zoo offers a great day of entertainment.

The zoo also specialises in the breeding of rare and endangered species so you will have the opportunity to see animals you would seldom see in the wild.
For younger children there is the children’s farmyard and there is a shop where you can purchase refreshments.

Tel: 021 884 4494

Open: 09:00 - 17:00 (Every day of the year)

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Cape Hunt and Polo Club



The Cape Hunt (Founded 1822) follows a long tradition of riding to hounds in the Cape, going back over a 180 years. The Cape Hunt holds the distinction of being the oldest of the 'new world' hunts dating back to 1822. The first Cape Hunt foxhounds originated from the English Beaufort Hunt and were imported into South Africa by the then Cape Governor, Lord Charles Somerset.

Polo is arguably the oldest recorded team sport in known history, with the first matches being played in Persia over 2500 years ago. Initially thought to have been created by competing tribes of Central Asia, it was quickly taken up as a training method for the King’s elite cavalry. These matches could resemble a battle with up to 100 men to a side.

The modern game was invented in Australia before the Second World War. In 1938 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hirst of Sydney read an article in an English Horse Magazine on Polo Crosse. The game was first played in England in an indoor arena and was then designed to improve students’ riding skills.

Telephone: 021 976 3968
Email: chpc@telkomsa.net

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The Tyger Valley Centre

Shopping centered around you

Welcome to our world. A world where fun, fashion and shopping fuses and brings the very best in retail therapy.

Tyger Valley Shopping Centre is believed by many to be the retail heart of the fairest Cape. Not surprising, when you consider its beautiful location, wide range of lifestyle stores and leisure facilities. The shopping centre features 275 stores, restaurants, a banking mall with bureau de change facilities, medical and dental facilities and a Ster-Kinekor cinema complex.

Located in the expanding Tyger Valley business district, this stylish and welcoming centre is a mere 12-minute drive from Cape Town CBD and a stone’s throw away from some of the most scenic wine farms in the country.

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