Fenna's Art Gallery


Fenna's Art Gallery was established in 1985 and exhibits works of different artists, well-known and unknown.

Our artworks include oil, acrylic, pastel, etchings, etc.

We offer professional advice on framing of all artworks, etc. and supply investment art as well as artwork of unknown artists to give them a chance to promote their work. We also offer children's photography.

Telephone: 021 945 2531
Email: modernpictureframers@eccsystems.co.za
Address: Boston Street 46, Boston, Bellville

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Absolut Art Gallery


Landscape by Pierneef, JH

Welcome to Absolut Art where Art and Style meet!

Absolut Art Gallery provides value for money and offers an extensive range of original and unique investment art. We stock superior quality art by the Old Masters, well-known artists, as well as upcoming artists.

Our available styles include Impressionistic, expressionistic, abstract, contemporary, decorative and African art. We stock art in the following mediums: oil, pastel, acrylic, charcoal, 3-dimensional art work and ceramics.

The owner of Absolut Art Gallery, Gerrit Dyman, has over 27 years of experience in the art business.

Telephone: 021 914 2846
Email: info@absolutart.co.za
Address: Shop 43, Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre

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Lindy van Niekerk

Art Gallery

My entry into the art world was triggered by my father’s love of art and my work as a sales representative for a leading manufacturer of art mouldings. My work provided me with the opportunity to visit art galleries throughout South Africa and Namibia.

I came into contact with prominent contemporary artists and thereby established many valuable contacts. This all took place between 1988 and 1997.
In 1998 my dream of owning an art gallery was finally realised when I opened my first gallery in Durbanville. My vision was to carry a wide range of quality art to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of clients.

Soon galleries throughout South Africa and Namibia approached me for artworks. With this, I entered the retail as well as the wholesale side of the art industry. Art is the food of my soul and I’m enriched by the pleasure of being surrounded by it everyday and introducing others to my wonderful world.

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Durbanville Heritage Society

To identify and preserve buildings, places and public open spaces which enhance the heritage of Durbanville and surrounding district with specific reference to preserving the rural surrounds and farms.

To gather, order, process and archive written and audiovisual material related to Durbanville.

To provide an information service to the public within the framework of the objectives.

To collaborate with other persons and organisations who study and preserve Durbanville’s rural and natural environment.

To arrange regular meetings and activities for its membership and when appropriate, the general public.

National Monuments:
Dutch Reformed Church 1826
All Saints Church 1860
Old Mill ‘Onze Molen’
Rust en Vrede 1850
Kings Court

Email: info@durbanville-heritage.co.za

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Bellville Art Centre


The Bellville Art Centre, in the Library centre offers a large range of courses in the arts and crafts.

Community workshops are held which are specifically aimed at uplifting disadvantaged communities through the medium of art and empowering students with income-generating skills.

Telephone: 021 918 2293
Fax: 021 918 2083

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