Cape Town Fish Market

Cape Town Fish Market, a vibrant Restaurant, Fish Market, Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar with chic yet informal surroundings, brings a feast of delicious flavours to its customers.

Even if you're not a fish-lover, you'll definitely find something on the menu to sink your teeth into.

Telephone: 021 914 9151
Address: Shop 916, Willie van Schoor Avenue, Tygervalley Shopping Centre

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Big Barrel Pub and Stables Restaurant

The Big Barrel Pub is a wonderful venue for relaxing with friends and enjoying a nice drink and eating good food. We have big screen entertainment for sports events and live entertainment in the evenings as well as Karaoke.

We believe in family and have catered for the kids with a farmyard where they can experience farmyard animals up close, there is also a play area and they have their very own menu.

The Stables Restaurant is the prime location for your function, we have retained the original horse stable to provide you with an authentic and unique experience for your function.

Telephone: 021 556 4511

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Col'Cacchio Pizzeria - Willowbridge

Italian food is less about a style of cooking and more about a passion for it. Who but the nation that practically invented the term “love” could create such amazing dishes with something as humble as a tomato?

It has been said if you want to know why God gave you a nose, order something with fresh basil pesto on it.

Italian dishes are seasonal. Some gastronomes wait a whole year to make their greatest Italian salads from baby rocket leaves dressed with the year’s first olive oil pressings. Try it just once and you’ll understand why it’s worth the wait.

The preparation of traditional Italian food can’t be hurried neither can its enjoyment. So what better way to enjoy it than with both hands or swirled to luscious capacity around a fork. Any great chef will tell you the messier the tablecloth the more they know you’ve truly enjoyed your Italian pizza and pasta.

The greatest compliment we’ve ever received was from a couple who said a visit to Col’Cacchio pizzeria is like a trip to Italy without the airfare. It could be because we’re obsessed with quality and only use the freshest ingredients. Or that we follow authentic Italian recipes and are always on the lookout for new ones. The truth is; we have a secret ingredient. Passion. You’ll find it in everything we serve.

Telephone: 021 914 3320
Address: Willowbridge Centre, Carl Cronje Drive

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Adega Restaurants are upmarket Portuguese restaurants that cater for a variety of tastes and styles.

The restaurants offer a warm unpretentious ambiance allowing the diner to feast in true Portuguese style. We are located conveniently in shopping centers where there is ample safe parking.

Our aim is to extend the highest level of quality of food and service, without losing the personal attention and friendliness of the staff and management of the restaurant.

Booking is essential due to the popularity of the restaurant.

Telephone: 021 914 5091
Address: Shop G40, Willowbridge Shopping Centre

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Primi Piatti

Primi Corse - Willowbridge -

Consciously awareof the connectivity of all things in life and the importance ofpositive thought, Primi embraces creative exchanges and Urban Energy.

Primitakes the mundane, the routine, the indifference and turns them intocreative exchanges and inspired innovation. We are edge workers whoquestion ‘the norm’, ‘the taken for granted’, ‘the everyday’ andPrimitize it so that people derive positive expectations of the serviceindustry and staff take pride in wearing a workers overall with ‘Workis Love Made Visible’ emblemized on the back.

Primi is allabout the workers, the real people and it is the collective workingtogether with the objective to fight against mediocrity and strivetowards perfecting their contribution (whether making coffee, sweepingthe floor or creating recipes) that ensures Urban Energy, personalsatisfaction, and the total eating experience.

Tel: 021 914 4340
Address: Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre

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