Cape Town North has had a long and rich history with winemaking in South Africa, with the first wine farm being established between 1698 and 1714. From this humble beginning this fertile land has placed itself on the world map as one of the leading wine manufacturers and now boasts in excess of 30 Wine farms. The fertile hills and ideal climate have proven to be the perfect mix for producing world-class wines and many of these relatively new estates are making a huge impact in the red and white wine arena, both in South Africa and internationally.
Ideally situated close to the two major national roads, the N1 and N7, makes this picturesque wine-route boasting world-class estates, easily accessible.

These wine-farms are not just about wine but also boast some of the finest restaurants in Cape Town, making a visit to the farms a total gastronomic experience.
The rural atmosphere of the valley has ensured a hands-on approach to wine-making and it is not unusual for the wine-maker to attend the wine-tastings offered on his farm. Wine-tasting provides a friendly and informative lesson in wine appreciation. Durbanville Valley is well-known for its superb Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Shiraz.

To learn a bit more about each of our fine wine-estates, simply click on each Estate's link on the left and plan an ideal day out to enhance your stay in Cape Town North.

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This region's Wine of the Month

Tintoretto 2009 new flagship Cape blend for Altydgedacht

A star is (re)born: Tintoretto 2009 new flagship Cape blend for Altydgedacht

Altydgedacht Wine Estate has just launched Tintoretto 2009, its new flagship Cape Blend which combines the estate’s two leading red varieties Pinotage and Barbera, together with a dash of Sauvignon and Shiraz to add depth and complexity.

As the back label exclaims: “Tintoretto is where 1 South African, 1 Italian and 2 French varieties combine to create a truly unique taste experience”. Pinotage lays the red fruit foundation, with Barbera adding spice and dark fruits. Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon brings structure to the blend and the wine is rounded off by judicious oaking. This is a serious wine with a balanced tannin structure and good aging potential. But you better get there fast as only 225 cases have been produced.

Long-time followers of Altydgedacht wines may well be familiar with the earlier Altydgedacht Tintoretto (50% Barbera / 50% Shiraz, vintage 1981) which was launched in 1982 to introduce Barbera to the South African palate.

Winemaker Etienne Louw explains: “In the early 1980s, Barbera was virtually unknown in South Africa, with only a single hectare of Barbera planted in the entire country, and that being on Altydgedacht! In 1992, Altydgedacht became the pioneering producer of a cultivar Barbera wine in South Africa, and as a result the 1992 Tintoretto (Barbera / Shiraz) seemingly spelled the end of the line for the blend.”

He continues that ever since joining Altydgedacht in 2006, he sought an avenue to revive the Tintoretto brand.  This dream got an extra set of wings after  Altydgedacht produced two ABSA Top 10 Pinotages in both 2008 and 2009, giving birth to the idea to combine the estate’s two leading red varieties (Pinotage and Barbera) in a flagship Cape Blend, resurrection the name Tintoretto. And so the 2009 Altydgedacht Tintoretto was born.

Winespeak: All four varieties were vinified separately and blended in the following proportion: 45% Pinotage, 33% Barbera, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon and 11% Shiraz. The blend was matured for 18 months in 60% new barrels, with the balance being 2nd fill.

Food and wine pairing: Etienne recommends enjoying Altydgedacht Tintoretto 2009 with ostrich or venison, especially Springbok served with apple jelly. It is also delicious paired with hearty oxtail.

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Meerendal Wine Estate

When you travel to the rolling hills of the Durbanville wine valley just twenty minutes from Cape Town you will find a hidden gem, Meerendal Wine estate.
Meerendal dates back to 1702 when Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel granted the farm to Jan Meerland.

When the Starke family bought the farm in 1929, only a small vineyard existed. However it displayed Meerendal’s potential as a wine farm and consequently, some of the wheat fields were replaced by vineyards in the early thirties.

Cellar master Liza Goodwin coaxes award winning wines from hand tended and dryland vineyards. These noble varieties include Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Pinotage, Shiraz, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Meerendal has truely become the hub of activity for visitors who visit its grounds and join in the spirit of relaxed lunches, superb dining and celebratory events. It offers all those special moments with weddings, launches, private functions, meetings and events with its stunning views over the vineyards and the Boland mountains.

The legend of Meerendal’s wine & bread began almost 300 years ago … the journey continues at the Manor House restaurant in the beautifully decorated Meerendal Manor House.
It is here where guests are delighted by natural flavour, outstanding preparation & artful presentation.
Experience breakfast, lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.

Mon to Sun : Open for breakfast and lunch
Tues to Sat : Open for dinner
Sunday Cape Table Buffet: Open from 12:00

Our Wines
The Prestige range consists of the very best of Meerendal and made in small quantities – a wooded white wine, two red wines, a natural sweet wine and a MCC

The Standard range includes seven cultivar wines, a Rose and a blended red wine. A new label was developed in 2004 to portray the classic qualities and rich heritage of this 300 year old estate.

Cellar Door Tastings and Sales:
Mon to Sun: 09:00 till 18:00 (Sun & Mon till 17:00)

Contact Us
Telephone: 021 975 1655

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Klein Roosboom

Tasting Room

Klein Roosboom (Directly translated as "Little Rose tree”) is a family owned farm and Boutique Winery that stands guard at the coastal entrance of the famous Durbanville wine valley. – Opposite Durbanville Hills Cellar

Jean de Villiers, owner and viticulturist has been cultivating our vines for the past 26 years. His strive to perfection is the key to the quality of our grapes.
We have an endless passion for both vines and wines.

Join us in our Tasting room where you can talk to the winemaker, Karin about her Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, MCC, Sauvignon blanc and Bandana blanc.

The fresh Atlantic Breeze and our unique terroire are our partners in crafting exceptional wines.

Open on Saturdays 11h00 – 15h00
(All other days: by appointment: 0827845102)

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Durbanville Hills

There is no secret. As with everything, it is important to start with the very best ingredients. Like all farmers, winemakers set great stock by climate, soil type and the lie of the land. In winemaking terms this is called terroir.

Terroir refers to all the physical and environmental characteristics in and around a particular vineyard that are imparted to a wine. Characteristics such as climate, soil composition, height above sea level, which way the slope is facing, and whether the vineyards are cooled by maritime breezes.

Durbanville Hills winery draws its grapes from a group of neighbouring historic farms, mostly established at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries.
These include Bloemendal, allocated as a freehold farm in 1698 to an early Dutch settler at the Cape. Most of the other farms involved were allocated as freehold farms during the early 1700s, including Maastricht in 1702, Hooggelegen in 1703 and Ongegund in 1704.

For a wine and food experience at our state-of-the-art winery and restaurant with its panoramic views of Table Mountain and Table Bay. Our restaurant menu is designed to compliment our world class wines in the beautiful environment in which they were created. We are open 7 days a week for wine tastings and sales. See you soon...

Tuesdays to Saturdays an a la carte menu is available and on Sundays a buffet menu is available.

Our Wines
The Hills Range
Durbanville Hils Premium wines are marked by prominent fruit flavours balanced with finesse.

Rhinofields Reserve Range
The reserve range, named for the indigenous "Renosterveld" of the area, is cleverly produced by combining no more than 2 to 3 vineyard blocks, often from opposite hillsides, allowing combinations of fruit from different mesoclimates. This enables Durvanbille Hills to produce wines of great depth and character.

Single-vineyard Range
The Single-vineyard range is made from vineyard blocks identified as being exceptional, with their own unique character. Wines blended from multiple vineyards are more like a broadway musical's chorus. The character may be less exciting, but if a singer is off-key the rest of the chorus make up for it. Single vineyard wines however, like true stars, have to perform, or face not being released.
Single-vineyard wines and true Broadway Stars are rare and thus command higher prices than "chorus" wines.

Contact Us
Tel: 021 558 1300
Fax: 021 559 8169

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Phizante Kraal

In 1698 Governor Simon van der Stel Granted the farm Groot Phesantekraal to it’s first owner Captain Oloff Berg. By 1756, 40 000 vines had already been established. In 1897 the Brink family acquired the farm. Although the farm produced grapes over the years it was only recently under the watchful eye of wine maker Thys Louw that the first wine was bottled under the Phizante Kraal Label.

Being passionate about good wine made the decision for Andre and Ronelle to make their own wine come naturally. we are currently hiring cellar space from a nearby cellar, but the possibility of having our own red wine maturation cellar in the forseeable future is a reality.

The Brink and Louw families have been friends for many generations and it was therfore the obvious choice to ask Thys Louw, wine maker of Diemersdal Wines, to make their wine. Thys have won numerous awards over the last couple of years and knows the distinct teroir of the Durbanville region and understands the art of making fine wines.

Our Wines
Sauvignon Blanc 2009
The nose is complex with an array of tropical fruit, figs and gooseberries. These crisp flavours repeat in the mouth along with a minerally character followed by a long fruity finish.

Shiraz 2007
Rich plum and blackberry flavours enhanced by elegant spice and white pepper flavours on the nose. On the pallet the wine is soft and tannins are well integrated with the fruit oak.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Intense deep colour with blackberries and ripe plum against a backdrop of marzipan and almonds. Rich and complex with a good tannin structure.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
Intense deep ruby colour with blackberries and rich plumy aromas with pencil shavings and cigar box notes. Rich and complex with a good tannin structure and well integrated oak.

Contact Us
Tel: 021 976 2114
Fax: 021 976 2113

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Kronendal Boutique Winery

Kronendal is located in on the outskirts of Durbanville. This unique, 2 ha property is owned by Piet and Magdaleen Kroon. Initially destined to become a nursery - water shortages dictated otherwise. However, the clay rich soils in Durbanville has excellent water retention capacity, hence our perfect solution - a dryland vineyard

The cellar was completed in 2006. This was also the maiden vintage with our own grapes. The sorting process took so much longer than expected, that all family and friends (with promise of beer and pizza...), had to come and help at very short notice. Their passion and dedication into the early hours of the morning inspired the name of our blend – MIRARI (Latin: to wonder at).

Our Vision: The magnificent view over the Durbanville valley, the peace and serenity accompanied by our hand-made wine, is something we wish to share with all. We are open for tasting by appointment.

The Vines: Planted in 2003, the vineyard of 0.6 hectare consists of Shiraz, Mourvèdre, Tempranillo and Viognier. The vineyard is tended by Magdaleen personally who does the spraying, suckering and crop thinning herself.

Our Wines
The grapes are hand-picked and sorted to provide healthy raw ingredients.
Currently sold under the Westerdale label, the wines are made as gently and naturally as possible and is a true reflection of our terroir.

Contact Us
Tel: 082 499 0198
Fax: 086 603 1170

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Galleon Wines

Andries Brink, well known for his contributions to science and art of medicine has turned to the art and science of winemaking.

From a long life interest in the heart and its well being, his wines are heart-warming for that special occasion. Made from quality grapes grown in the cool coastal Durbanville area, minimal intervention by the winemaker allows this cultivar to express its full-bodied natural character.

The name Galleon drives from the well-known ship and relates to our Portuguese heritage. They were the first to discover and sail around the Southern shores of Africa. It also refers to the site at which the wine is made, close to the sea in front of a place popular to fisherman, known as Galjoen gat (hole) where the delicate and unique fish to our waters, the Galjoen, which is the Afrikaans for Galleon, is to be found.

We strive for quality associated with the joy of the wine. Grapes come from the centuries old Diemersdal Wine Estate of the Louw family in Durbanville.

Galleon wines, white and red, are made to satisfy everyone’s taste. View our wine selection

With various vintages, Andries Brink, winemaker & Garagiste, proves that he has reached a high individual quality for his distinctive wine label.

Our Wines
Galleon Shiraz 2008
Clear bright raspberry red colour. Fruity nose with raspberries, spices nuance of vanilla. Caries through to the palate. Fairly tight tannins but should be well balanced in 2-3 years - minimum life of 7 years.
Prolonged after taste. Matured in French and American Oak barrels for 10 months, 1st & 2nd fill.
Juicy & quaffable, smooth balanced, with spicy red-fruited appeal,
warm & friendly farewell.

Galleon Chardonnay 2008
The Galleon Chardonnay is a full bodied and complex wine with typical citrus, pear and a hint of butterscotch flavours. The lingering aftertaste of this wine is complemented by the toastiness of new wood.
An elegant, yet textured and intense wine with a strong personality of both place and vintage.
The wine was matured in 100% new French oak barrels for 11 months.

Galleon Sauvignon Blanc 2009
This classic Sauvignon Blanc has aroma of herbs and tropical fruit, with hints of lime and green fig. These complex flavours carry through to the creamy, harmonious palate adding to the mineral zesty finish. Enjoy chilled on any occasion.
Grapes were night-harvested at 22.5o Balling, given skin contact for 12 hours before being pressed and fermented with combinations of Vin7 and QA23 yeasts in stainless steel tanks at 12-14oC. After fermentation the wine was kept on the fermentation lees for 3 months, and stirred-up once a week to enhance mouthfeel and concentration before blending and stabilization.

Contact Us
Tel: 021 976 1786
Fax: 021 976 8129

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Durbanville Boutique Wine Association

For the past few years a number of wine enthusiasts based in and around Durbanville have been crafting handmade wines in some extremely interesting places, including; a meat locker, an old subterranean dam, horse stables, and even a doctor’s surgery (one of us does make wine in his garage, but we do not see ourselves as “garagistes” – we are serious winemakers with the necessary infrastructure and technology to make top-quality, premium wines).

In mid-2008 a number of these winemakers met at the Kronendal Winery in Durbanville to share winemaking tips and marketing know-how. The first get-together was attended by an unprecedented number of amateur winemakers, keen to share ideas and learn from one another. The Durbanville Boutique Wine Association (DBWA) was born from the need to create a more formal structure.

We are extremely proud to present the thirteen producers who got their hands (and in some cases even feet!) dirty to create some really special wines that showcase originality, love and attention to detail. While our total production is far less than the smallest of the established Durbanville wine producers, we believe that our access to some of the best grapes allows us to make authentic wines, which represent the unique “terroir” of Durbanville.

De Vallei
Klein Roosboom
Russo Wines
Phizante Kraal
Hermit on the Hill
Signal Gun
Maison de Teijger
Vin de Francois

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Durbanville Wine Valley Association

Nestled in the Tygerberg Hills, a mere 20 minutes drive from Cape Town, lies the Durbanville Wine Valley. With its hectares of flourishing vineyards, award winning wines and hospitable atmosphere, this wine route is fast becoming the Cape’s destination of choice. The Durbanville Wine Valley consists of nine wineries, each offering the finest in wines, and complemented with some of the best fine dining restaurants and intimate country kitchens in the region.

We are united in our passion to reflect the Durbanville terroir in all our wines. The result is a magnificent range of intense, fruit-driven yet elegant wines, as different from each other as the slopes that create them and the individual personalities who craft them.

De Grendel Wine
Durbanville Hills
De Vallei
Klein Roosboom
Phizante Kraal

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